Our next show: John Waters’ “Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters”

April 17th, 2015



Pierre de Gaillande
Pearl Rhein
Susannah Pryce
Thomas Wolfe
Jia Jung
Susan Hwang
Sweet Soubrette
Bob Holman


March 15th – Bob Holman

March 2nd, 2015

Join us for a birthday celebration Bushwick Book Club style!  Your favorite local and touring musicians, songwriters and artists present new music and performance inspired by the work of Bob Holman — poet, spoken word artist, endangered language activist, founder of The Bowery Poetry Club and creator of new PBS series, “Language Matters.”  We are celebrating this celebrator of creativity with creativity inspired by his creativity!


March 15th, 1pm
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
New York, NY



February 25th – Emily Dickinson

February 18th, 2015

New music and performance inspired by the work of Emily Dicksinson.  Presenting are:

Bob Holman
Susan Hwang
Leslie Graves
Susannah Pryce
Pearl Rhein
Thomas Wolfe
Jia Jung



And… our snow date

January 28th, 2015

Snow really is magic.  It’ll stop the New York subway system for hours, and it’ll give us a chance to begin the year twice.  Our annual Vonnegut-inspired show happens AGAIN in full, February 4th, 7pm at new lower east side venue and restaurant, Moscow 57 (168 1/2 Delancey St., north side, at Clinton).

Performances by:  Casey Holford, Don Rauf, L.A. Boobs (Deenah Vollmer and Toby Goodshank), Susan Hwang, Nicola Yvette with Leah Coloff, Thomas Wolfe

Puppetry by Dana Morgan

Visual Art by:  Orianne Cosentino (curating), Matt Klickstein, Gregory Stovetop, Pufferella, Jonathan Kobritz, Diana Knight

bluenewFlyer by Julie Lamendola

First show of the year: Kurt Vonnegut

December 29th, 2014



Our first show of 2015

December 8th, 2014

Our next show is January 27th at our much beloved Barbes in Park Slope.  We will be observing our new year tradition of presenting new songs in response to a work by Kurt Vonnegut.  Come be baptized in new performances inspired by:




Tuesday, January 27th, 2015, 7pm


376 9th Street

Brooklyn, NY

ph: (718) 965-9177


Shining Synchronicities – The Mirror’s All There

November 6th, 2014

The show was on October 29th.  John Fell Ryan’s birthday.  His 42nd birthday.  42 people.  October 30th was the date of the closing day at The Overlook.  It’s all coming together now.  Our next BBC book?  Bluebeard of course by Vonnegut.  Vonnegut in January.  Date will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos by Lippe Manufacturing online:


And all the songs (plus John Fell Ryan’s presentation) on the BANDCAMP!

And all these synchronicities (extracted from JFR’s presentation):

  • 42 – is all over the Shining (and Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy – the answer to life, the universe and everything.)
  • 4+2 = 6, the priest I sat next to on my 11 hour ride (Apollo 11!) back to NYC said 6 is the number of the devil (1 short of god who is 7).
  • 6 also reflects the hexagons on the carpet; the parking lot.

Nautical theme:

  • JFR had dinner at Maritime Hotel – walked 12 blocks to the show which was at the lightship Frying Pan
  • “The Shining” begins on water –  Lake Montana
  •  JFR visited that lake as a child.

“Room 237” premiered at Sundance, at the Egyptian Theater, located on Sidewinder, which is the  street that leads to the Overlook in the movie.

The Egyptian theater was also the theater JFR worked at as a teenager in Seattle.

  • Mistake – weirdest of the night.  The pre-recorded track for Nicola’s dance piece cut off, and we heard—“This is Katie on Radiolab”
  • KDK 12” is the call sign for the radio at the Overlook.

Rocky” theme/connection: 

  • That night people started shouting out “Adrian!” ( for Adrian Cohen, but in the Sylvester Stallone accent)
  • “The Shining” is famous for its use of the steadicam.  The steadicam operator and inventor,  Garrett Brown, was called away from shooting “The Shining” to shoot “Rocky.”
  • Actor Tony Burton, Rocky’s ring man, also played the snowcat rental guy in “The Shining.”

Coincidental names:

  •  Tony Burton/ Tony the invisible guy who lives in Danny’s mouth.
  • Danny Lloyd / Lloyd the bartender
  • Lloyd the bartender’s bar is based on the Gold Room in the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright left his wife for his girlfriend who was murdered by a crazy guy with an ax who set his whole studio on fire.
  • We’re all here in the Hex.
  • The boiler room (the Frying Pan stage area looked like a boiler room)
  • JFR’s college roommate married his ex-girlfriend in that room in the Frying Pan.  Her grandmother said “This is the worst place she’s ever been”
  • “The Shining” keeps producing stories — Halloran calls the pantry “The Story Room.”  Endless tales, legends, looping endless shots, 127 takes of Halloran talking to Danny about ice cream.
  • 237 – Jack Nicholson born 1937.  Danny Lloyd born 1973.
  • Coach sells the Apollo 11 sweater for  $732
  • Stanley Hotel – Stephen King stayed at Stanley Hotel and wrote The Shining there.  Stanley Hotel was designed by Freelan Oscar Stanley.  The Overlook Hotel is a conglomerate of several hotels.  Timberline Hotel in Mt. Hood, Oregon and Owani Hotel – Yosemite, designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood

“The mirror, the mirror, the mirror’s all there.”

Like walking through a mirror, JFR walked into movie-ness.  He’s not the super fan.  One day, after drinking 12 beers in 8 hours…

October 30th – the closing day in The Shining at The Overlook.

In 1977, October 30th was daylight savings.  Time, contracts, celestial bodies…



CHARMING DISASTER for the after show

October 22nd, 2014

This just in:

CHARMING DISASTER will grace us with their songs of murder and accidents and calamities for our post-SHINING  afterglow on the historical lightship FRYING PAN. There will be exclusive pre-release copies of their debut album, “Love, Crime & Other Trouble” available at the show.

Join us in casting that creepy light next Wednesday night!




October 29th – THE SHINING at The Frying Pan

October 6th, 2014

Our first show on water.  We are working toward playing songs about books in all the elements.


Flyer by Tom Bayne.


Casey Holford – songwriter/producer–thoughtful and melodic folk/rock songs, caseyholford.com
Debe Dalton — banjo player, singer/songwriter, legend, debedalton.bandcamp.com
Phoebe Novak – singular singer/songwriter, phoebenovak.bandcamp.com/
Susannah Pryce – fire dancer, rapper
Kung Fu Crime Wave – band of Kellys (The Kellys of Brooklyn – Luke, Joanna, Neil) and Preston Spurlock, www.kungfucrimewave.com
Sanam Erfani – playwright, actor
Adrian Cohen – pianist, songwriter – jazz and middle eastern influences; now exploring electronic music, www.carrollgardenspiano.com
Leslie Graves – ethereal singer songwriter, lesliegraves.bandcamp.com
Alex Norelli – multi-media conceptual artist and musician, alexnorelliart.com
Clayton Colwell – composer, producer, musician from band, Hector on Stilts —   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hector_on_Stilts
Nicola Yvette – dancer, http://www.nicolayvette.com/
Jessie Kilguss – singer/songwriter, alt country spectrum from sweet to dark, jessiekilguss.com
Hilary Downes — singer/songwriter – beautiful voice and presence, not to mention hair, hilaryedownes.com
Pearl Rhein — singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, pearlrhein.com
Susan Hwang – hosting, curating, singing, accordioning, susanhwanglalala.com


Good times with Swedes and hello THE SHINING.

September 29th, 2014

Our next show is inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining.  The date is October 29th, 8pm at The Frying Pan–the historical lightship built in 1929 that is now docked at pier 66 in Manhattan.  This will be our first show on water.


Meanwhile, we said goodbye to our Swedish partners in songs about books.  Kristian Carlsson and Thomas Teller returned to Malmo last week after a month here in NYC where we were able to collaborate on two shows together inspired by the work of Swedish author, Reidar Jonsson– My Life As A Dog and American author, Maya Angelou — I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.  Both were coming of age stories that juxtapose hard realities, loss and grief with humor and insight.  Sweden and NYC got to know each other through songs about books — not the most common way to intersect, but as we found out, very satisfying.

Here are some artifacts from our show at City Winery inspired by My Life As A Dog.  We played a game where we picked out questions or dilemmas from the audience and paired them randomly with quotes from the book.  We called it the “Ingemar Oracle.”  Let’s look back wistfully at some of the questions and answers:

question 3question 1question5answer14answer1answer8answer9


Maybe these should be tarot cards.  The Ingemar Deck.


And… the selfie we took at the very first show.  We’re looking forward to more international collaborations in the future.  In My Life As A Dog, Ingemar explains how being kin is essential to survival.  It was wonderful to meet and spend time with our Swedish kin in songs about books.   Here’s to more creativity-inspired creativity – ”Skål!”

You can listen to the songs from both these nights on our bandcamp page:  bushwickbookclub.bandcamp.com.

Photos are up on our facebook:  facebook.com/bushwickbookclub