Tuesday’s show inspired by Steve Martin

FullSizeRender (41)Born Standing Up and Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin.

TUESDAY’s show is at Barbès in Park Slope.  June 6, 7:30pm, 376 Ninth St., (@ 6th Ave.) in Park Slope Brooklyn. You get to see, hear and taste Born Standing Up and Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin.  It’s a great excuse to watch some of the footage of his seminal stand-up if you don’t have time to read.  In addition to the songs and comedy, here’s the MENU from our contributing chef, Jonathan Dressler:

Pre-Show Snacks 
“Vinyl Vest Pocket” from How to Fold Soup
- chips & onion spread

 ”Months One and Two” from Dr. Fitzkee’s Lucky Astrology Diet
- boiled egg & raisin salad w/ cumin and cilantro

After Show Dessert 
“Month Three” from Dr. Fitzkee’s Lucky Astrology Diet”
- pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream and chocolate sauce

* Comedy from Tabitha Vidaurri
* Visual art from Kat Flannery and Julie Lamendola!
* Songs from Susan HwangCharlie NielandJohn S. HallKrystal HawesBen FoleyNessa GrasingStorm Garner
and Janelle Maire!
* FB event HERE

Introducing our book-inspired chef!

FullSizeRender (43)
Jonathan Dressler used to be decent at trombone and trumpet, is still is ok at drums and synthesizers, is good at audio engineering and electronic music programming and is getting closer to being decent at cooking one day.Instead of attending culinary school, Jonathan has opted to work at several top New York Restaurants. He hopes to one day have a restaurant which can combine health and wellness with indulgences with the wonderful world of celebratory foods. Like pie.

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