BBC Player Guidelines

  • CREATE one new piece in response to the book.  If you end up writing more than one song, let me know, and I can see if we have time for you to perform both.
  • TIMING:  3-5 minutes per song.  If you need more time for your song, let me know.  We may have time for it, depending on the line-up and the time restrictions for the venue.  However, if we have to ask you to only perform 3-5min., you’re always welcome to send me a full-length recording of your song to upload to the bandcamp site.
  • GROUP or SOLO:  Perform your song solo or with any other musicians you choose to bring on stage with you.
  • COLLABORATE with dancers, actors, jugglers, mind readers, anyone you like.  We love performance experiments, and if you do too, then feel free to explore.
  • STICK TO IT — You have a lot of leeway in terms of what you create in response to the book, but we like to keep the show centered around the book itself.  We’ve had plenty of songs about how hard it was to write a song about the book or how the songwriter hated the book, and those are fine, but they tend not to be as interesting.   You’re certainly encouraged to express your opinions, but keep in mind, that even if you don’t enjoy the material, you can still end up creating something interesting in response to it.  Sometimes it’s even easier if you don’t love the book.
  • STUCK? — If you’re stuck as to what to write about in response to the book, email us, and I will give you an assignment!  I will assign a page number or a chapter for you to focus on, or a scene or a character.  If you need more parameters, I’ve got ‘em!
  • COMMIT — Please honor your commitment to contribute to the night.  If a conflict comes up for the performance, please let us know as soon as possible.  If your piece is not finished by the time of the show, that’s okay.  You can present what you have.  Works in progress are totally okay.  Things don’t have to be “perfect” for the show, but if you make a commitment to be there, be there, and bring what you have!
  • CALENDAR — Take a look at our calendar online:  — If you see shows in the future you’d like to participate in, write and ask to be included.  If you have suggestions for future shows, please email those too!