Our next show: HOW TO MAKE WHITE PEOPLE LAUGH by Negin Farsad

2017 is Bushwick Book Club’s year of immigrant, comedian or immigrant-comedian authors.  To kick off this series, we’ve chosen Negin Farsad’s HOW TO MAKE WHITE PEOPLE LAUGH as fodder for new songs, art, dance and snacks.  Join us April 8th at 8:30pm at LITTLE SKIPS in Bushwick for a literature-induced, multi-media high.  It’s creativity inspired by creativity with no seat belts, life jackets or helmets.  We’re Bushwick Book Club, and that’s how we do Saturday nights.

Scheduled perfomers:

Jessie Kilguss
Ray Brown
Susan Hwang (hosting as well!)
Charlie Nieland
Jim Andralis
Thomas Wolfe
Cody Blevin
Jackie Desouza
Aigul Nevin (native dance from Kyrgyzstan)

FULL Post-Book-Club sets will be performed by RAY BROWN and others to be announced soon!

FB invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1252858074831687/



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