October 29th – THE SHINING at The Frying Pan

Our first show on water.  We are working toward playing songs about books in all the elements.


Flyer by Tom Bayne.


Casey Holford – songwriter/producer–thoughtful and melodic folk/rock songs, caseyholford.com
Debe Dalton — banjo player, singer/songwriter, legend, debedalton.bandcamp.com
Phoebe Novak – singular singer/songwriter, phoebenovak.bandcamp.com/
Susannah Pryce – fire dancer, rapper
Kung Fu Crime Wave – band of Kellys (The Kellys of Brooklyn – Luke, Joanna, Neil) and Preston Spurlock, www.kungfucrimewave.com
Sanam Erfani – playwright, actor
Adrian Cohen – pianist, songwriter – jazz and middle eastern influences; now exploring electronic music, www.carrollgardenspiano.com
Leslie Graves – ethereal singer songwriter, lesliegraves.bandcamp.com
Alex Norelli – multi-media conceptual artist and musician, alexnorelliart.com
Clayton Colwell – composer, producer, musician from band, Hector on Stilts —   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hector_on_Stilts
Nicola Yvette – dancer, http://www.nicolayvette.com/
Jessie Kilguss – singer/songwriter, alt country spectrum from sweet to dark, jessiekilguss.com
Hilary Downes — singer/songwriter – beautiful voice and presence, not to mention hair, hilaryedownes.com
Pearl Rhein — singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, pearlrhein.com
Susan Hwang – hosting, curating, singing, accordioning, susanhwanglalala.com


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