Hello Hilary Downes!

This is her first time contributing to the literary-musical spectacle that is Bushwick Book Club.  She is a woman of many creative projects, but her musical focus is her chamber pop band, The Snow.  We’re excited to have her perform on Thursday!


A native of Portland, Oregon, Hilary Downes knows how to ‘just put a bird on it.’ Hilary successfully integrated front lawn dance performances, piano recitals and auditions for high school musicals with her long-time residence in New York City, and allowed her love of music to reign. To date, Hilary has co-written and recorded three albums with Brooklyn stalwarts, The Snow, and continues to perform with them live.  In addition to regular gigs in the New York area, The Snow have also performed in Los Angeles, Scandinavia and Russia. 

 C. Gibbs, Les Bandits and Bad Reputation are among the other artists Hilary collaborates with – sometimes as volunteers at the New York Methodist Hospital. Hilary is a writer, world traveler, multi-linguist, and a practitioner and teacher of both yoga and martial arts.


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