Say you wanted to support your favorite literature-inspired performance series this side of the western hemisphere.  How would you do that?  You could send positive vibes, and you could visualize us peacefully reading in hammocks and on subways.  You could visualize us reading books so good we missed our train stops and didn’t even mind — books so good we neglected to pay our child support or do laundry.  And you could visualize us writing songs in a joyous frenzy, reaching new heights of literature-inspired ecstasy.  You would see us as the pioneers of the pleasures of creating from the written word that we are.  Well, it’s working.  So thank you.

But we also know that sometimes you want to show support in physical ways, because you’re the kind of ravenous devourer of life that not only enjoys the thought of a cashew but the actual meat of the nut in your mouth.  You enjoy the idea of swimming, but you also love to get in the water.  Knowing that about you, Bushwick Book Club is offering the option of turning your appreciation into virtual money that turns into cash in a literary songwriter’s pocket.  It also turns into cash that pays for videos to be shot and uploaded onto the internet,  for photos to be taken at the events, for BBC tours to be booked and for the chapters of Bushwick Book Club to connect and stay connected all over the world.  And all of it really goes towards the ramping and amping of creativity inspired by creativity, which of course always was and will be, but isn’t it nice to be able to put your money where your mouth is, along with that delicious cashew.  You’ve always been our favorite kind of glutton–the kind that can’t get enough songs about books or enough life.  So thank you.