Bushwick Book Club on TV!

Bushwick Book Club is featured on the first episode of the new TV show created by BBC founder, Susan Hwang called  The La La La Show.  Watch at 9:30pm today on channels TWC56 RCN83 FIOS34 and livestream on www.mnn.org click on MNN2.

The other option is to come to the SCREENING PARTY at SUPERFINE in DUMBO, BROOKLYN.

Come to the screening party!  Watch the show projected in this fine establishment as BBC establishes itself as a TV entity.  Bring your own M&Ms or rosemary roasted pecans or celery, because it’s a BYOSnacks situation.  Hobnob with people who write songs about books.  We all smell different, and we like assignments.

You can also hold Susan’s  hand.  Because she’s excited.
January 25th, 9:30pm
126 Front Street
Brooklyn, NY
Photo by Storm Garner of the beautiful set she created!

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