August 7th, 7pm – UNFAMILIAR FISHES by Sarah Vowell

Get ready for new music inspired by history as told by Sarah Vowell… this is the stuff Friday nights are made of.

New songs by:

Mark Lesseraux, Hilary Downes, Jessie Kilguss, Susan Hwang, Perry Maybrown ( The Bushwick Book Club (Seattle) Club!), Don RaufCharlie NielandSweet Soubrette (Ellia Bisker)

Featured performers:
CLAUDIA GODDARD, musician of Hawaiian slack key guitar and ‘ukulele.
JOHN-MARIO SEVILLA, Hawaiian hula dancer

Featured Visual artist: TOMMY CHENG, folk artist specializing in portraits of Hawaiian dancers, musicians and Hawaiian royalty.

DJ DUCTTAPE is spinning afterwards. Get your literature-inspired groove on!

Facebook invite:


Flyer by Julie Lamendola


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